2016 tours of Son Doong cave sell out in 5 days


As many as 450 tickets to discover the world’s largest cave in Vietnam were sold from August 1-5 by the Oxalis travel firm.

2016 tours of Son Doong cave sell out in 5 days

Quang Binh authorities has permitted Oxalis to extend the time for the most expensive tour in Vietnam to explore the world’s largest cave Son Doong in 2016.

The five day and four night tour will be priced at US$3,000 a person. Each tour will have a maximum of 10 visitors, totaling a maximum of 500 tourists for the entire year.

Oxalis began selling the tour on the company website from August 1.

Oxalis director Nguyen Chau A said that on August 1 alone, more than 200 people booked the tour.

Visitors must pass a health test to qualify for the tour. If they do not follow safety and environmental protection regulations, cave experts and tour guides will be entitled to ask them to leave the itinerary.

A said as the licence for implementation of the tour was granted by Quang Binh government on a yearly basis, Oxalis will not change the tour content.

“If the province grants the licence for a long term, we will do research and have measures to adjust the number of visitors each year, while ensuring good conservation and tour organization,” he said.

The number of staff for every tour is 30 people, including 25 transporters and chefs, a tour guide, two cave experts and two rangers, serving 10 tourists.

The tour will take tourists through a rough road 60 km long.

On May 13, US television channel ABC broadcast a live program from Son Doong cave. After the program, Son Doong attracted special attention around the world for being one of the most attractive destinations in the world.