Lana Tailor

Lana Tailor is one of the few tailor shops in Hoi An that offers a complete service, ranging from good quality materials to top-notch equipments imported from Japan and Germany.


Most importantly, we has its owns skillful tailor staff to fulfill its service. Furthermore, we concentrates on best quality products and reasonable prices for its customers so we refuses to give any commission to middleperson in order to set up a fair play market in Hoi An. We believes that both Lana itself and its customers will benefit from that practice.
 Lana Tailor

The reputation

While the city at large has garnered a reputation for its custom-made suits, Lana Tailor stands out among Hoi An’s dozens of tailors because of its stylish selections and guarantee. Choose from a showroom of in-vogue dresses, suits, jackets, and skirts, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just show them a photo of it online and they’ll make it within 24 hours.
Choose from fabrics including leather, cotton, cashmere, and wool. Only pay once you are completely satisfied with the final product. Tailored dresses range from $45 to $85 in U.S. dollars, while suits cost between $79 and $200. Items can be shipped internationally for an additional fee.

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