Cho Hoi An (Central Market Food Hall)

Wander through the labyrinth of vendors serving up freshly prepared Hoi An specialties including cao lau—a regional dish made with noodles, pork, and greens that can only be found in Hoi An—alongside a good range of other Vietnamese favorites like pho, banh zeo (savory pancakes), and bun bo hue.


This is where the locals shop, so expect a lot of activity in some cramped quarters, especially if you arrive for early-bird specials. Once you’ve chosen your stall you are welcome to order dishes and fruit juices from other vendors who will bring them to your table without worry as prices are fixed and displayed, and the food vendors follow strict food hygiene rules, making this one of the best spots to sample a vast array of dishes normally only available on the street.
 Cho Hoi An (Central Market Food Hall)
Wander past the vendors to find market stalls packed with local spices, coffee, the famous Quang Nam Chili jam, and cooking utensils, but be prepared to barter hard with the friendly, but business-savvy stallholders in this area of the market.

Why Central Market Food Hall is special ?

In the early morning, the market is already crowded with many food stalls such as Cao Lau, Pho noodle, rice… It serves all day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coming to the food court, enjoying the delicious specialties, traditional food, you will feel as a Hoi An resident
The stalls are located next each other, in a small place but are kept tidy and clean, ensuring safety. You will feel very comfortable while enjoying food and chatting. What will surprise you the most is that the dishes are not only delicious but also very cheap and served professionally and with friendly hospitality. Not only that, they are also professional tour guides, caring about the tourists with genuine enthusiasm
 Cho Hoi An (Central Market Food Hall)
Hoi An food court serves a lot of dishes of Hoi An. In addition, you can enjoy fruit juice such as: mango, tomato, papaya…or sweet soup as: red bean, green been… They will make you forget your thirst after you walk around the old town
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